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Dollz With Bodies Recovery House 

Offering our customers phenomenal services and success, where one can feel confident, robust, durable, firm and secure. 
Providing services such as Meal Preparation, Transportation, Pick-up & Drop off, Therapy, Vaginal Steam, Lympahtaic Massages, Fat Cavation, Laser Lipo, Sauna Bed, Wood Therapy, Nurse and CNA services, Medication Pick-up, Wound care, and shower & garment services in Glendale Heights, IL and the Chicago Surrounding Areas.

About Us

We provide a caring, friendly, and warm environment for our patients so they can recuperate after their surgery. Dollz With Bodies Recovery House offers 24/7 caretakers, meals, snacks, and beverages. Also, our recovery house offers a clean, beautiful, and peaceful place that focuses on giving our cosmetics patients the best experience possible to restore themselves. Dollz With Bodies Recovery House is a luxury place, full of vital and positive energy. You will receive one-on-one attention, our caretakers are women who love to help people to alleviate after surgery and to help with feeling sexy and confident, feeling complete and able to stand tall again.

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Wood Therapy

Vaginal Steam

Lympathic Massage

Fat Cavation

Laser Lipo

Sauna Bed



Meal Prep

Laundry Services

Nurse & CNA Services

Shower and Garment Services

Medication Services

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Maximizing Beauty Through Shape and Form. 

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Maximizing Beauty Through Shape and Form. 

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  • Private Suite 1
  • Private Suite 2
  • Private Suite 3
  • Shared Room

Our Products

Lingerie, Panties, Thongs, & Waist Trainers

Scented Soaps, Candles, Body Oils, and Face & Body Scrubs

Facial Creams

Organic & Made with Natural Products

Bras and Socks

Ladies Clothing


  • Facials
  • Waxes
  • Wood Therapy
  • V-Steam
  • Lympathic Massage
  • Sauna
  • Fat
  • Laser

**Ask for traveling prices & transportation fees for Wood Therapy and Lympathic Massages.**

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Dollz with Bodies Recovery House
Dollz with Bodies Recovery House


2N509 Prairie Ave
Glendale Height, IL 60137